About Oma Eats Oma Eats is a eCommerce food ordering platform with enables restaurant owner from different localities  to sell their meals at an affordable price within the platform . Oma Eats is the first in its class to open such a gate for cost effective sign up and allowing restaurant owners to take full control of their business platform. We enable businesses to transform the way they sell, market and operate by improving their efficiencies by means we provide great technology infrastructure to help merchant and customers to operate in a more efficient way. Our business is comprise of cloud computing and a third party that provides payment to consumer and merchant on our platform. Oma Eats is aim to broaden its horizon and envision customer satisfaction its number 1 priority as this intent to build and create good customer business relationship.  

Here at Oma Eats we does provides the option for delivery or pick-up once a customer is placing an order, customer is allow to choose their meal preference and also the vendor which they want to choose from. Oma Eats allow a wide search bar, this means you can search and order from any restaurant near or far, customers can also pre-order and receive next day delivery . Oma Eats accepts various payment methods such as visa card, master card, pay-pal and some vendors may allow cash and delivery depending on their location. Our platform does support its privacy policy and terms and conditions that is assign. 


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